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Unit 9, Fifth Avenue, Tameside Park Industrial Estate, Cheshire, SK16 4PP


Unit 9, Fifth Avenue, Tameside Park Industrial Estate, Cheshire, SK16 4PP

Trigger Spray Packaging Update

Trigger Spray Packaging Update
15 May 2020

As you'll be aware by now, the supply chain for packaging has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. This is mainly as a result of the lockdown in China, coupled with an enormous uplift in demand for hygiene products. 

Due to this situation, the supply of spray heads is unable to meet the current demand for trigger spray sanitisers. On May 5th we sent out the important message asking you to reuse your spray heads and utilise the 5L refill or concentrates to refill your spray bottles, that article can be found here. We have also developed this handy guide for rinsing and reusing trigger spray heads.

We are now in a position where there are not enough trigger spray heads available to put one on every bottle, therefore from May 18th customers will receive their stock with 6 standard caps on the bottles and 2 trigger heads in the box. 

For Greyland branded products, the caps will be a flip top with the ability to pour the product out if you don't have access to a trigger spray head, as detailed in the following video. 

We apologise for this temporary incovenience.



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