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Unit 9, Fifth Avenue, Tameside Park Industrial Estate, Cheshire, SK16 4PP

Greyland launches Maximum Eco range


Greyland has placed itself firmly in the forefront of environmental concerns with the launch of its new Maximum Eco range, hot on the heels of the significant increase in the amount of UK recycled polymer used in its bottles.

As the name suggests, the Maximum Eco range consists of cleaning products that are as ‘green as it gets’, following two years of research and development. It’s the first comprehensive product line of its kind that includes not only a UK-sourced probiotic enzymes range, but also a water-based range as well.

Probiotics work by using eco-friendly bacteria to colonise surfaces, in much the same way as ‘friendly’ bacteria colonise the human body, including the first line of protection, the skin, as well as the digestive system. Enzymes are produced which break down organic matters such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. By doing this, these products are able to effectively remove soiling for a long-term cleaning effect, and help to eliminate unpleasant odours.

The key benefits of using probiotic cleaners include cost reductions, health benefits and reduced environmental impact. These products use a sustainable source of UK-cultivated enzymes, rather than an imported variety, and therefore have a minimal environmental footprint. Due to the non-corrosive nature of probiotic cleaners, surfaces are not damaged by regular use.

Once surfaces are colonised, the bacteria continue to work long after application. This reduces the volume of product required and, as a result, also reduces costly labour time. Probiotic enzymes can reach hard to access areas where conventional products would not be as effective, such as in grouting, imperfections in flooring, grease traps and carpet underlay.

The Maximum Eco Water-based range represents a revolutionary step in environmental cleaning. The products in this range are powerful, effective and safer than many cleaning chemicals that are already in use. All are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and non-harmful to marine and aquatic life.

Made from plant-based, environmentally friendly ingredients to be fully user-friendly and biodegradable, they comply with all the current and forthcoming legislation including EC Detergent Regulation 648/2004 and REACH 1907/2006.

Greyland's Sales Director, James Brough, led the drive at Greyland towards reaching the ultimate goal in sustainable and biodegradable cleaning chemicals.

James said: “I was dissatisfied with the multitude of so-called ‘green’ designated products that were often awarded the accolade merely by not having chemicals that were specifically banned included in the contents. Many suppliers just used green dots in their literature and labelling to convey a sense that the buyer was doing ‘the right thing’.

“We felt that this was just not good enough. So, with Maximum Eco we have split the range into Probiotic and Water-based products. But we haven’t stopped there: while some manufacturers are importing recycled bottles from all over the world, where does that leave their carbon footprint?

“We at Greyland, on the other hand, have not only increased the recycled plastics content of our bottles from 24% to 31% and now 40% UK-sourced post-consumer use plastics.

“Furthermore, while some ‘bio’ companies are importing enzymes, ours are sourced in the UK. We firmly believe that with Maximum Eco we have achieved the best balance of ‘right product, right packaging, right price’ and are at the forefront of seeking genuinely green products – the first mainstream cleaning chemicals manufacturer to do so.”

Greyland is committed to the industry’s highest environmental standards, not just within its own factory and warehousing, but also with its manufactured products. The Maximum Eco range has been introduced for those customers looking for selected products balancing minimum environmental impact with maximum efficacy.

There’s a product in every area that users are likely to need, from dealing with toilet odours, to maintaining hard floors, to cleaning carpets, or degreasing hard surfaces, or for simply washing hands.

Maximum Eco is manufactured by one of Britain’s leading cleaning chemical manufacturers, who are also one of the few UK companies to be awarded both the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards and the prestigious ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

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