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Unit 9, Fifth Avenue, Tameside Park Industrial Estate, Cheshire, SK16 4PP


Unit 9, Fifth Avenue, Tameside Park Industrial Estate, Cheshire, SK16 4PP

Blu Maximum


Highly Concentrated Multi Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser


Blu-Maximum is a powerfully versatile, food safe cleaner and degreaser. Specially formulated to dissolve and remove grease and grime leaving a spotless finish. Blu-Maximum is ideal for use in most areas including bakeries, breweries and abattoirs. Can also be used due to its versatility in the engineering industry, print works, hospitals and machine shops. Blu-Maximum is ideal for the general cleaning of floors, walls (interior and exterior), paths and roofs.


Wear protective gloves.
Use undiluted for really stubborn grime.
Dilute 1 part with 10 parts of water for heavy duty cleaning.
Dilute 1 part with 50 parts of water for general purpose cleaning of hard surfaces.
Dilute 1 part with 200 parts of water for light cleaning.
Use hot or cold water dependant on level of soiling. Apply to the surface using spray, mop, brush, cloth or machine. Leave to react for a few seconds and then wash or wipe off the dirt with a hose, mop or damp cloth, rubbing stubborn marks. Rinse the mop or cloth frequently in clean water.
Vertical surfaces should always be cleaned from the bottom up to avoid unsightly streaking.

Download Safety Data Sheet - SDS
Download Technical Information Sheet - TIS

The Blu-Maximum containers are manufactured from 40% UK Post Consumer Recyled (PCR) polymer, and each case is made using 100% recycled cardboard.