Our Product Range

Toilet & Washroom

Greyland has developed a wide range of products formulated to clean, disinfect, descale or deodorise all hard, non-porous, washable bathroom surfaces.

Hard Surface Cleaners

Greyland excel in providing a range of hard surface cleaners that are highly effective and easy to use.


Greyland has developed a range of degreasers, sanitisers and other cleaning products specifically for food and catering industries.


Greyland has developed a market-leading range of seals, polishes and maintainers to protect and maintain a wide variety of modern and traditional flooring types.


Greyland offers a flexible range of liquid soaps in pump dispensers, in cartridges and in larger packs for use in ‘top-up’ dispenser systems.


Greyland offer a handy range of ready to use housekeeping products to ensure that offices, hotels and other businesses have a pleasant environment are clean and safe.

Specialised Products

Greyland has developed a range of bespoke products for specific cleaning and maintenance tasks.