Lemon Cleanser Gel 5ltr

Lemon Cleanser Gel

10 x 1L and 5L

A powerful all-purpose cleaner that tackles the toughest household dirt fast.

The gel targets dirt, fights grease and lifts stains (sugar loaded coffee, soup etc) all at once. Ideal for cleaning floors, walls, counter tops, kitchen equipment or the bathroom. Also great for use on cleaning grout by creating good foam for lifting the dirt from grout lines.

For heavy impacted oil and grease: Use neat, pour directly on to sponge or surface then rinse with water. For general cleaning of floors, walls, equipment etc: dilute 1 to 40 parts of water (24ml to 1 litre). Apply to the surface with spray, mop or cloth, leave to react for a few seconds and then wipe off the dirt with the mop/cloth, rubbing stubborn marks. Rinse the mop/cloth frequently in clean water.

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