DP200 Natural Based Chewing Gum Remover

12 x 1L & 5L

A natural based cleaner for safely and easily removing chewing gum and sticky labels. Safe to use on fabrics, carpets, painted surfaces, wood and plastic laminates, inside or outside.

Do not dilute. Apply by spray to affected areas. On carpets, apply sparingly and agitate gum using a plastic scraper or nylon scouring pad. On fabric seating, spray and agitate with a nylon scouring pad until all traces of gum are removed. On general flooring surfaces; spray gum, remove bulk with a sharp scraper, spray any remaining residues and agitate with a nylon scouring pad. Wash floors down after cleaning with a detergent solution. To remove sticky labels; spray product and agitate with a nylon scouring pad, wipe clean using a cloth moistened with product.

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12 x 1L & 5L

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