Latest Environmental News

As part of Greylands continuous strategy to be the best in class of our market sector, we have been working with our bottle supply partner Alpla UK. The aim being to develop and implement sustainable bottle packaging for the future.

Using their extensive bottle manufacturing experience, Alpla will introduce the use of recycled polymers to the industrial chemicals cleaning sector.

Together Greyland and Alpla have developed and implemented the use of Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR) polymers :-

  • 5Ltr HDPE Jerry Can will be produced with a general grade recycling HDPE inclusion of 25%.
  • 750ml PET Trigger bottle will be produced with a PET inclusion of at least 25%.

Both bottles have been successfully manufactured to the above addition rates and are starting to be introduced to Greyland clients throughout 2018.

Targeting a successful rollout of these recycled materials will ensure Greyland and Alpla will be meeting the future environmental demands and expectations of retailers and consumers.