New Trigger Sprayheads Launched

‘To foam or not to foam… Greyland are launching new, innovative trigger sprayheads on all 750ml bottles during May. This reduces the number of different sprayheads we offer from three to two. Air Fresheners will continue to be supplied with a fine mist trigger, but with the new design shown on the image below. All other lines will have a new, dual-purpose sprayhead fitted to them. This dual functionality will add value for our distributors, as no longer will some products foam, and some products not, now the user will have the choice.


Operating the new sprayhead is simple, twist the nozzle into the ‘ON’ position as before, if the door is left closed on the front, the product will foam, if the door is opened, the product will not foam.


The new sprayheads bring a more modern look to our trigger range, whilst enabling Greyland to continue to offer such competitive prices to our distributors.